Make Time For You
Intuitive Licensed Massage Therapist

About the Practitioner

  My name is Kyle Luke Foster. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist Holistic Healer. I am a 5th Generation Healer. For training, I studied at the Healing Arts Center in St.Louis, Mo and graduated in March of 2013. The oldest accredited school for Massage Therapy in Missouri.

  I am very enthusiastic and passionate about healing work, taking great interest in helping clients bring harmony and peace back to the mind body spirit. I can offer a skilled and high quality conscious touch. I am trained in Deep Tissue, Myofasical release, Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, Hot Stones, Aroma therapy, Trigger point, Reiki Mastery and beyond and I work with crystals, and Pranic healing as well as Chi Gong. I am an energy worker. Every massage is different and customized to your needs. I work with Higher Vibrations, Healing Frequencies, and Prayer, along with Crystal singing bowls to assist moving the energy to heal and balance chakras and subtle bodies. I love my job.

  I am always looking for new ways to expand my awareness to benefit a better healthy lifestyle for myself and the people around me. I enjoy staying healthy with meditation, exercise and lift weights, yoga, and riding my bicycle. I transitioned from being a IBEW Union Journeyman Wireman electrician. I still am but my heart is in Healing. The last time I was laid off as an electrician I had a dream while I was sleeping on nite about crystals and helping people heal. So after 7 months of not working, I woke up and I followed my dreams and signed up for school the same day. Within the next hour after signing paperwork for the tuition, I got called back to work as an electrician. It was challenging work in the morning and school at night, I made it work and here am 5 years later, ready to help.